Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Year Of Excuses

2015 stats thanks to @veloviewer

2015 stats thanks to @veloviewer.

Not a great year for cycling or weight loss. 

In 2014 snuck I over 2200 miles, but as you can see I only managed 1307 miles in 2015.
I also put on 1kg over the year. 

Cycling and weight loss started well but then in February I was cycling to work and slipped on some ice and knocked myself out. There are still a couple of hours I don't remember. 

This really knock my confidence and it took a while to get back on the bike. 

I did start cycling again including commuting, which I love, however in the summer I started looking for a new job, so had to drive in so that I could sneak out at lunch to make phone calls in the privacy of my car. 

I didn't get a new job, but there is a good opportunity within my current company. 

I actually found my mojo in December and did over 100 miles and lost a kilo over Christmas. 

I also started training more in the gym at work. My colleague goes every lunchtime and trains very hard. I have trained with him but then spent the next hour sitting at my desk sweating away which I can't stand. So I go after work and do HITT workouts. 

However I did get in a habit of buying a flapjack from the sandwich van "for energy" for my evening workout. I don't need it as I've got a spare tyre full of energy around my tummy. What's worse is that I would get a flapjack even when I wasn't training. 


In previous years I've focused my goals around cycling in the hope that the weight loss would follow. It did at first but this year it's weight loss first, which will help the cycling. 

At the moment I'm 122kg, by the end of 2016 I will weigh less than 99kg. 

To start with I'm keeping it simple. Move more and eat less.
As the year progresses I will have to be a bit more intelligent about that. For example get a heart rate monitor so that I know I'm pushing myself hard enough during exercise, especially on the bike. I will also look at what I'm eating to make sure there is enough good fuel for all the training I will be doing. 

A typical week will be drive to work Monday because there is an early meeting, train in the gym in the evening. Cycle to and from work Tuesday. Drive to work Wednesday as I have to pick my daughter up from football and it makes sense to go to the gym and then straight to pick her up rather than come home. Then cycle Thursday and Friday. 

This isn't set in stone as on some days I might have a meeting I need to drive to, if that happens I'll train in the evening. 

To start of with the diet is going to stay pretty similar. Cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch, fruit during the day, then a meat and two veg meal in the evening. But making sure the portion sizes come down, especially processed carbs as I do eat a lot of pasta. 

I will continue to use MyFitness Pal app to monitor everything and weigh myself monthly. As the weight loss slows down, I will look at my training and nutrition in more detail. 

I will keep you updated with how well I'm doing. 

Any tips and advice always welcome. 

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