Sunday, 16 December 2012

How low can you go?

Pretty low at the moment!

I've not had a great couple of weeks, bad time of year to be a driving instructor, 6 year anniversary of my dad passing away, dull, boring weather.

Its all taking its toll, which has lead to me being a grumpier git than normal and not the nicest husband or dad.

This in turn has lead to comfort eating, which adds to my woes.
So far this month I've had over 3,000 calories in "snacks" (food eaten between meals).

I felt I was on the way back up till my gout kicked in again which added to the list of reasons not to get out on the bike.

I know if I do go out on the bike that I'll feel loads better.
It will remind me why I'm going to all this effort.

On a positive note, my brother Pete is bringing me a "new" bike after Christmas, and according to him "it's lovely".
I can't wait.
I just hope Hampshire council have got a good budget to repair the roads after I tear them up.

Just writing this has helped me realise how silly my negative thoughts and feelings are. About to hit those roads.

Thanks for reading and your support.

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