Thursday, 3 January 2013

There's No Failure Just Feedback

Just had my weigh-in to see how "good" a Christmas I had.
I put on 1kg since November, now weighing 120kg. I was 134kg.

I had a target of 118kg at the end of the year, as I wanted to lose 12% of my body weight in 2012.

But as mentioned in previous posts I wasn't having a great December and relaxed over Christmas.
So I decided not to beat myself up that I hadn't hit this made up target, and look at the positives.

In twelve months I've lost 14kg which is 10% of my body weight and have got a lot fitter.
My cholesterol levels have come down from 5.9 to 5.2.
So I haven't failed.

Losing weight is like any journey, you can't be exactly sure the route your going to take.
For example if the road you were planning to take is flooded you don't go home, you take a diversion, and the journey takes a bit longer than expected.
December is my diversion, but it was a nice scenic route, so it wasn't all bad.

So what feedback can I take?

I can and will continue to lose weight, but the rate I lose it will vary.

I can't rely on exercise to lose weight, I've been eating more than my daily target on MyFitnessPal app knowing that a good bike ride will keep me in the green. The problem is when I don't exercise I still eat the same amount.

I've set the app for a 1lb a week loss, which is 2130 calories a day, which I'll stick to and the calories burnt on the bike are a bonus.

Thanks for your support, have a great year.

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  1. Well done Dave - it's a huge achievement for the year - very glad I could do 4 of the rides with you!

    And PRs on all the climbs today - awesome!

    1. Cheers Pete.
      It was nice to go for a ride when it wasn't blowing a gale so I could see what the bike could do.
      It was great going out for those rides, you should come down for the Meon Riser

  2. Well done on your achievements so far.