Saturday, 9 February 2013

Fort Nelson PR!

Just set a new PR on my Fort Nelson route, 56:24!

The Fort Nelson route is the first ride I did with Joe, 25th February 2012, at the start of my journey from fat to fit. It is where the photo of me sitting down was taken. It would have been great to do the ride again with Joe this month, and get him to take another photo to see how much I've changed shape, but Joe is in hospital at the moment and will be off the bike for a day or two!

My time for the first ride was 1 hour 22, and that is just cycling time, the total time was over 1 hour 45. I didn't realise I spent so long recovering at the top of the hill.

I am still amazed about how far I've come. A year ago I had to spend 20 minutes at the top of a hill recovering, now 12 miles is a short ride. I still struggle up the hill, but now I can keep going when I get to the top.

Last year I chose this route as our first ride as I knew Joe was cycling to and from work a couple of times a week so I wanted a route that he might find a bit of a challenge, so that he would be happy to be my cycling buddy.
He didn't find it as much of a challenge as I did, and I wasn't happy about this, which has motivated me to work harder at getting fitter and losing weight so I could keep up with him.
I need to thank Joe for sticking with me, I couldn't have done what I've done with out his support.
Hope he gets well soon.

One of my targets this year is to get the time under 55 minutes.
Before today my best time was 58 minutes, so I'm pleased with today's time, but still got a lot of work to do!

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