Monday, 1 April 2013

Why Do I Go Cycling?

This is what I was asking myself as I set off on a ride yesterday.

I set off with heavy legs, unsure where to go, but feeling I needed a good ride with The Riser looming.

I think I've been focusing too much on The Riser, making sure I got PR's on Strava every time I went out.

But yesterday I changed all that and just went out for a ride, with no real route in mind, just wondering where that road led to, and then finding out.

Not sure how it happened but I went out for my second longest ride of the year, in an impressive time.

Two long rides, and a couple of cheeky mid-week rides meant that I smashed my monthly target of 130 miles. I finished on 188 miles.

I will keep on using Strava to monitor my progress, but also remember to enjoy my rides.


  1. That's the way Dave...Just go out and enjoy it....

    1. Cheers Trevor, I suddenly feel a lot more relaxed about the Riser this weekend.

  2. I totally agree. It stops being fun when you 'have to'. I do it because I want to and I rarely have a set route in mind. I cycle for fitness, fresh air and FREEDOM :)

    1. Thanks Gill, I did just that yesterday morning. Only problem was I had to be back at a set time or I would have gone a lot further.