Monday, 24 June 2013

May X!

May is the first month that I haven't hit my monthly of 130 miles. (hence not updating this blog earlier in the month)

The main reason was my swollen knee which meant I couldn't really cycle for three weekends.

On a plus note my average monthly distance is still over the 130 mile mark.

June has started off slowly, camping trips and other excuses, but I have started a new job which I can cycle to.
It is 6 miles each way, so far I have cycled in twice this week, a great way to start and finish the day.

I've had a strange knocking noise from somewhere on the bike, so I decided to do a bit of maintenance.
I started with the obvious and cleaned and greased my bottom bracket and pedals, which didn't sort it out.
So after a bit of research I tightened every bolt I could find, which worked. I think the noise was from either the seat post or the headset.

Whatever it was I'm glad I did the basic maintenance, it saved me a few quid and made a difference to the feel of the bike.

I do feel sorry for bike shops because I have little or no experience, but after a few hours on YouTube I managed to do a pretty good job.

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