Saturday, 3 May 2014

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned!

It has been 4 months since my last post and in that time I have driven my car to work instead of cycling.
What should be my penance?

Since November we've only had one car but at the start of the April we got another one so I've now got two options for commuting.
I have to admit it but I have taken the car a few times.

To make matters worse April was meant to be #30daysofbiking where a lot of people are cycling everyday for a month however not me.
I've had my shortest month of the year with only 162 miles.

I knew about the challenge in March and thought about giving it a go but looking at the calendar I knew there were going to be a few difficult days. I knew I was going up to see my brother and his family for a few days in London. Due to car issues I wasn't planning on taking my bike. I did end up taking my bike to London and went on some great rides with Pete, more about that later.
Therfore I decided not to even bother joining the challenge.

My next excuse is that my knee went wrong again.
I finally relented and joined Tony "Boot Camp" Busby for a workout in the gym at work.
It was brutal!
Unsurprisingly it stirred things up in my pelvic area, which I've twisted out of place playing rugby years ago.
When this happens I usually get a sore knee and I have to spend a few days on my foam roller.
This time it has lasted for a few weeks and this has restricted my cycling, or more accurately giving me another excuse.
It is getting better and I will do more boot camps with Tony as I need to build my core strength.

London calling

As mentioned I did take my bike up to London when visiting my brother and we went for a nice couple of rides.
One of the was along the Thames Path and we had some lovely views.

We also took out some banana bikes which were great fun.

While in London we had to do the tourist bit and saw the changing of the guards and then had some fun in Hamleys.
On the trip we were lucky enough to see one of the yellow Boris bikes.

The first of many!

Later on in the month we managed to take advantage of the surprisingly good bank holiday Monday weather and organised a bike ride with 3 other families along the Hayling Billy. It is a old railway track running up one side of Hayling Island.

Le Grand Depart.

We parked at the beach and after the 7 mile round trip had the first bbq of the year on the beach.

Weight for it!

I had a great start to the year losing 4kg taking me down to 110kg.
But the scales have got stuck.
I need to lose one more kg to have lost 25kg in total.

I have being using the MyFitnessPal app on and off for the last few months. I do need to use it everyday as it is a powerful tool.
One thing I've noticed is that I'm relying too much on exercise to hit my calorie goal. The problem is when I don't exercise I eat too many calories for any weight loss.
Therefore I'm going to focus on sticking to my target by eating less and using the extra calories from exercise as the icing on the cake.

My main area to focus on is portion size, so no more seconds.

Sounds easy........

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