Thursday, 25 October 2012

BHF Round the Harbours Bike Ride 2012

This is one of the organised bike rides I did this year.

It is a nice 35 mile route around Fareham, Gosport, Southsea and Havant, you can start at any of the four start points.
You have to take the Gosport ferry, and you can choose to take the Hayling Island ferry but I never have, because of the queues. Also the route up Hayling Island isn't suitable for skinny tyres.
It is well organised with toilets etc at the four check points, and there are marshals on motor bikes going round the course if you do have any problems.
Be warned, you do go over Portsdown hill, which is a nice challenge. First year I did the ride, it was a surprise.

It is the third year I've done it.
First year I did some training and finished in 3:33.
Last year I really struggled round in 3:48 thanks to a lack of training.
This year my goal was 3:12, which I missed by 1 minute 21.
Bit gutted but I did have to have my bike fixed which took over 10 minutes.
Next year I will break the 3 hour mark.

Have a look on their website for an event near you and start training for it.
Having something to train for is a great way to push and motivate yourself.
These events are nice ones to start with, a nice relaxed atmosphere and not everyone is wearing lycra.

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