Monday, 1 October 2012


Welcome to my blog about my journey from Fat to Thin on a bike. 

I've been struggling with my weight all my life and decided to make a change, and saw cycling as the way forward. The goal is to lose 12% of my body weight in 2012.

Basic Stats at the start of the year

Age : 42
Weight : 134kg
Goal: 118kg by the end of 2012

Every journey starts with single pedal!

 It all started back in February 2012 when I went for my first bike ride with Haribo Joe.

The first ride was from Hill Head up to Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill, a mere distance of 12.7 miles. I chose this ride because I knew Haribo Joe cycled 16 miles to work a couple of times a week and I wanted to keep him interested.
Total riding time was only 1 hour 22 minutes, but I did need an extra half an hour to recover at the top of Portsdown Hill, so a total journey time of 1 hour 47.

The last time I did the same ride in August I managed to break the hour mark, this was the total time, no collapsing.

Basic stats in October
Age : 43
Weight : 119.5kg
Goal : 115kg by end of 2012

I'm planning to keep you posted with progress, training tips etc and I welcome any comments.

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  1. Great stuff! Enjoyed the rides to Portland - hopefully will get to do some more soon